Our Story

Vision und Mission

History of NumberSquare

The idea for NumberSquare (initially named FinanceGuys) was born in San Francisco in 2017 when we were mentoring several startups in idea competitions. We saw that many teams had strong expertise in tech and sales, but often lacked experience in finance. In the US, teams often fill this position with external CFOs.

Our Mission

We want to make starting and running a business easier. Strategic issues, financing, investor relations and accounting requirements distract founders from their core activities. Our goal is to take this burden from entrepreneurs so they can focus on what they are best at.

Mission Numbersquare

Why come to us as external CFOs?

We have over 10 years of experience with startups and have helped companies raise from seed finance to $40M Series-B. 
These are some of our expertise:

NumberSquare CFOs

The Team

Evgenij Bakulin NumberSquare


Finance | ex PwC

Tobias NumberSquare


Capital Markets | former
FinTech Group

Ali NumberSquare


Finance | former
Deutsche Bank