Financial Expertise for fast growing companies

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We take care of your company's finances - so you can focus on the rest. Professional support for startups, scaleups and SMEs.

For founders and CEOs

Financial questions often fall into the hands of the CEO. We are your flexible CFO as a service. We take care of financial issues, so that you can focus on your business. We are by your side for growth, strategy and operational issues.

For CFOs

We relieve CFOs in extraordinary projects such as financing rounds, budgeting, tool integration, M&A and PMO. For operational issues, we support as additional capacity, as well as with optimization and automation.

For Investors

With red flag analyses and due diligence, we help to make well-founded decisions. We prepare the reporting of the company portfolio and support the controlling. We help our partners with deal flow through warm intros.

Our added value for you

As part of your team, we will help you with operational and strategic issues. This way, you can hand over work and benefit from professional support. Often, just a few days of support per month is enough for noticeable cost savings and faster growth.

Professional expertise for growing businesses

Young companies often lack the necessary expertise in finance. This leads to wrong decisions and makes it difficult to align the company strategically. We support our customers with professional know-how and give them an edge over the competition.

Reduce workload through operational collaboration

Successful teams increase company value by focusing completely on their core business. Support functions such as reporting and controlling should not distract the team. We take over these functions operationally so that you can take care of the essentials.

Cost-efficiency due to flexible use of labor

Permanent CFOs are expensive, but they are not needed full-time all the time. Startups often need just a few days per month to manage day-to-day operations. We work part-time and keep your costs low. When necessary, such as during funding rounds, we can ramp up and give you more support.

Strategy and operations from one source

If finances are not managed from a single source, this means an increased administrative burden for your company. NumberSquare can map your entire finance department and minimize friction.

Our Services

Understand Finances

Many teams are strong in sales and product development, but have little expertise or capacity in finance. We provide insight into your financials so you and your investors are always aware of the health of your business.

Investors finden?

Fast growing companies always need fresh capital. We assist in identifying potential investors, approaching them, conducting presentations and Q&As, analyzing term sheets, modeling the cap table, negotiating terms and closing.

Accelerate Growth

Successful companies need a sound growth and financial strategy. They respond dynamically to changing circumstances and identify opportunities. We are at your side to find new approaches.

When do I need an external CFO?

If you spend more than 10% of your time on finance and accounting, you should think about an external CFO. Your time is certainly better spent on your core tasks.

Not sure you understand your accountant's explanations? Get professional advice so you don't miss anything important and get into trouble.

As an entrepreneur, you have to make many important decisions. It is always good to have someone at your side with whom you can consult and who can show you a new perspective. 

A funding round can mean three months of full-time effort. You don't have that time in your day-to-day operations. A CFO handles most of this process and can manage it properly to build a professional image with the investor.

These customers count on us

After our merger with Cazoo, NumberSquare actively supported us in our consolidated financial planning. The team is a reliable partner that we are very happy to recommend.

Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg, CFO Cluno

Our Partners