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NumberSquare & Helu

Modern financial management in just a few clicks. Helu, probably the fastest way to convert DATEV data into financial reports.

Helu is a financial reporting, controlling, planning and analysis tool that automates accounting and business KPIs via DATEV interface and app integration option. Reports are automatically updated after each data upload. Any number of reports can be created within minutes, providing real-time updates. In addition, Helu enables easy mapping of financial statements, full drill-down of accounts and full data integrity. In addition, data can be imported from Excel and CVS, and data can be shared and updated collaboratively.

What makes Helu unique?

We are an official DATEV marketplace interface partner. This means that DATEV data actually updates in real time and is available automatically. This distinguishes us from other providers, where some intermediate steps are necessary and no automatic updates are possible. Controlling and reporting become child's play with Helu. Our reliable customer support, which is highly valued by customers, is also available to help with any question.

How does Helu work with NumberSquare?

The close cooperation with the experts from Number Square serves as an ideal interface between startups, scaleups, SMEs and us and creates communicative synergies through direct exchange. Current customer needs as well as our solution for daily business are demonstrated in direct use cases and explained in an understandable way. In this way, they support us and at the same time create added value for their portfolio and their customers.

How do customers benefit from the partnership between Helu and NumberSquare?

25% discount on the selected package when signing an annual contract - discount valid in the first year - with full range of available features and customer support.


Financial Management
Strategische Finanzplanung


  • DATEV integration: Automatic synchronization of your data. Helu is official DATEV marketplace interface partner
  • Controlling & reporting down to individual booking level and with drill-down
  • Financial management and strategic financial planning
  • Easy creation of dashboards and widgets for any department
  • Preparation of P&L and balance sheet reports
  • Scenario analyses, plan/actual and budget comparison
  • Consolidation
  • Creation and use of KPIs
  • Liquidity Monitor & Rolling Forecasts
  • Creation of user groups and individual management of permissions